What is the Morena Movement, really?

I hope for more people to have a better relationship with light and dark. My dream is for a world full of beautiful colors, without stigmas or judgments. If I could inspire one girl to continue swimming or playing football without the fear of being let down for her dark looks, I feel that we could be on to something. This movement is for anyone who would like to support such a cause. Our challenge is to begin this among Filipinas, then go beyond borders, cross-racial, cross-gender, cross-faith, cross-class.
— Michiko Soriano, Creator of The Morena Movement

The Morena Movement began as an online platform for women to share their narratives not only limited to color but also on things that matter, on beliefs, on hopes and dreams, on struggles - literally anything under the sun (pun intended, after all, we are all about embracing our sun-kissed skin, first and foremost!)

The Morena Movement aims to be inclusive, but also had to start solid. It is called morena to address society-held standards of beauty especially in a white-loving country like the Philippines. It is called movement as anyone (and we mean anyone) who resonates with it or simply wants to support it is welcome to join. And let's be honest, there is a ring to the Mo-Mo, isn't there? ;)

    Who or what is the morena?

    We are not here to define who or what the morena is. We let the narratives paint that picture. 

    We would like to think that the morena is more of a mindset.

    We do believe that the difficulty of defining stems from how morena is a whole spectrum of colors and shades.

    However, should there be an Urban Dictionary definition for it, it is: A feminine Portuguese word meaning 'tan' or 'brunette' used to describe a girl with olive skin tone. A morena can be a white person with a tan and dark hair or more accurately a morena can be a person of mixed race. A morena can be a person of obvious African ancestry (including light or dark skin, curly, wavy or even straight hair). 

    What the Morena Movement is NOT.

    The Morena Movement is not against light or dark (in fact, we love them!)

    The Morena Movement is not here to play the victim. We encourage contributors to come from a place of love and acceptance. More on the Manifesto here.