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Gia of Fiesta Tours

“When I am most happy and confident, that's when I realize that I am beautiful and strong. When I am passionate about something, that's when I really feel like I'm at my best, like traveling. It opens my eyes to how big the world is and it inspires me to understand the different cultures that exist today. After four years working for a multinational corporation, I took my masters in International Tourism Management in London, a course that made me embrace my love for my own country, the Philippines, and being a Filipino. Each class I took encouraged me to write about my mother land and made me work hard to put it on the map. In 2017, I started working at the travel agency that my mom founded 35 years ago and I am very excited to launch my latest project this year, La Guia, a culmination of all the lessons I gathered while I lived abroad. My long term goal is to be the Department of Tourism Secretary, as I think the Philippines is such a beautiful place to live in and more people should be aware of that. Talking about work, my love life, my family and friends, or even my hobbies, I feel like my beauty really resonates as these aspects of my life give me a lot of strength.” 


"It's very easy to get lost in numbers and sales targets in a job like mine. But I've been blessed with leaders who consistently encourage, recognize, and reward marketing with purpose – the kind of marketing that makes a positive impact. And so I’ve continued to be a proponent of meaningful work. I recently moved to another country to take on a challenging role that just might be one of the 'make or break' highlights of my career. Good thing I am married to a man who not only supports me so much that he dropped everything to move with me, but also celebrates and loves my individuality. We are completely different people, total opposites even, and he has brought so much color into my life. Because of him, I’ve become bolder to the point of experimenting with wild hair colors, and more passionate about doing work that matters."


Photo by Jan Parma


"Creativity is not confined in art. The trick is to be creative with a purpose. I still often ask 'Why am I in the art industry?', 'What is this all for anyway?' I hit a wall… and then I answer these questions with my work: it brings people together, gives all of us the sense of community with music and culture at its foundation. That’s the best kind of art."


"I didn't think women could be pilots and that it was even a possibility, until an uncle once flew with a woman and I said, 'Wait a minute, women can be pilots now?' That was what... 2010? That recent. From that moment when I found out that that position was open, I knew I wanted to be one. We live in a world where women don't know what opportunities they can have. I feel like I am representing the minority of pilots who are female. Sometimes you just need to see that it's an option in life." - Ron