All in Hopes & Dreams


"Life is hard. Sometimes no one buys from the store. My dream is for my kids to go to school. There's an elementary and high school nearby but the nearest university is in the city of Baguio four hours away. My eldest child is 18 years old and I hope to be able to afford to send him to college. My youngest is 7 months old."


"I hope for more people to have a better relationship with light and dark. My dream is for a world full of beautiful colors, without stigmas or judgments. If I could inspire one girl to continue swimming or playing football without the fear of being let down for her dark looks, I feel that we could be on to something. This movement is for anyone who would like to support such a cause. Our challenge is to begin this among Filipinas, then go beyond borders, cross-racial, cross-gender, cross-faith, cross-class."