All in Motivation

Jen, Race2Share


“I started appreciating myself more when I stopped worrying about getting soaked under the sun. The more I spent time outdoor training, the more I got better and stronger! I was very conscious at first because of the comments I would get about ‘being dark,’ but I learned to shrug them off when I started seeing positive results from all the training I had done. Founding Race2Share has been a learning process, with its own birthing pains that eventually translated to gains. This was my most defining moment as a woman: that there is no pre-requisite on gender when you run an organisation -- it really ‘just’ requires full commitment and passion to make it all work! What inspired me to start R2S is the deep eagerness to utilize sports as a platform to reach out to a community and gather individuals to make the sporting environment more inclusive for everyone. One of my favorite moments was when we raised funds (thanks to the supportive community in Singapore!) and send all our Filipino Domestic Worker members to participate in one of the major dragon boat race in SG - we didn't win any medals, but being able to play in that equal field against strong dragon boat teams was a monumental WIN for us.” - Jen, Race2Share


"Seventeen years of countless local and international football tournaments, a love-hate relationship with my knee injury, late nights and long hours working on a graduate degree, an on-going task of building a healthier me, a fast-running day job and five-year plans that are constantly changing, if not upgrading. Life has been a tad bit busy for me but like I always say, it only gets more valuable as it gets harder. For me, beauty and strength go beyond facial features and the ability to run miles. It’s all about being able to create a stronger element within you that allows you to overcome just about any challenge the universe throws. Creating a consistent and positive mind, body, and soul will always be KING. To every woman of every race, keep hustling and always do you. You are my inspiration."


“Beauty to me is defined by how hard you worked for something. I guess that stems out from my being competitive. That’s why body building appealed so much to me — it being crazy difficult — and it also has everything I enjoy like nutrition, lifting, and the more girly side like putting on make-up and a bikini. For my competitions I learned to be artistic with what I wore and I had to bedazzle it myself. My background in architecture helped me, too, because it has the same application of art and science as in body building. To achieve a symmetrical body, having good genes helps, but it also entails having to form something beautiful physically based on science. I found my beauty in this sport because I know I work my ass off, literally and figuratively, for it. A new challenge arises when the motivation or the goal is gone, and all you’re left with is self-discipline, and that’s what you continue to develop.” -Jillianne, Body Building Winner & Architect